When you're lost, get back to the root. After having inspired generations, seeped deep into the Comics and video game industry, and given birth to countless designs and patterns, the tabletop roleplaying hobby has now broken into tiny pieces everywhere. We, Kabuki Kaiser, have chosen to get back to the source of it all full circle, to Castle Greyhawk and the fabled 1974 campaigns, to the White Box at the Borderlands and the Silver Princess of Lake Geneva, to the game of your imagination truly. Fully supporting retro-clone systems emulating what we now call OED such as Swords & Wizardry and Labyrinth Lord, our releases propel them into 2010. What if the future were the past? What if we took the artifacts back from them hands and used them now, with full knowledge and experience of what's been going on since? We'd get new, unique releases for sure. World of Hexcraft, Wrath of the Lichlords Edition? City State of Everquest II anyone?

Boot the system and stay with us, we're going to reload it all with you from the very beginning.


  1. I think D&D is VERY lost atm, WizBro's treatment of the D&D/AD&D IP is disgusting. FRP's are fairly "watered-down" IMHO atm anyway, everything you are writing is pretty much spot on. Sometimes, when things aren't working or feeling a little stale - its best to return to our roots . . . . .

  2. I daresay we're lost in two different ways.

    1. We're lost when trying to follow whatever trends, rules and tendencies emerged from miniature gaming and video games, our illegitimate children. If we don't trust in what we have and cherish it, how can we expect people to trust and cherish it themselves?

    2. We're lost in the Edition War. There's not a single group of people around me playing with the same ruleset. 4th has shred the market to pieces and houserules are getting published everywhere. Meanwhile, there's less and less campaigns, adventures and materials released.

    People around like Matthew Finch, Dan Proctor and Knights & Knaves have produced gems. They have given us the tools to restart it all and we're going to. We see no point in releasing our own system, these are sound and good enough, time to write and design!