So yeah, The Shrine of Urd & the Shield of Faith, my submission for the 1-Page Dungeon Contest 2012. It's both a playable dungeon - I guarantee the fact, just try - and the whole atmosphere of my early and vibrant gaming years in a nutshell, it's full-on OSR, with a big R.

What I've tried to achieve here - did I succeed? You tell me - is to convey the atmosphere of the crowded high-fantasy Arduin-like powerplay games we had back in the years, with a strong naive look and feel. It seems gaudy and silly, but I can tell you, it's not that easy to do when you're a grown-up with an industry experience. It feels like it's been done by a teenager with scraps of early published products or a typewriter maybe, and a lot of Moorcock-Lovecraft-focused imagination. At least, I wish it feels like this, because what I'd love to share is exactly that: the feel. Hell, it even smells of rotten tobacco and coffee, but unfortunately, you can't smell a PDF. And I'm pretty sure that, just by conveying that feeling, it contains everything you need to run it in a single page with very few descriptions, if any. Just try.


  1. Well, it's spot on with the looks. But, when it's impossible to read it's style over substance. Sorry, but that one doesn't get any points from me.

  2. Sorry to read this. Did you really try to read/use it or just discarded it at once? I've had the sensation of managing to fit everything inside in playable and readable format, but you sound like it's not. It might require a bit of attention, or passion maybe, but I was pretty sure it works.

  3. Well, if I am to use it at a game table it has to be readable at a glance, and frankly, where are those Psionic enhancer drugs hidden in? I can't make it out when looking closely, and thus it will be unusable at a actual game table, at least for me.

    That being said, I think the vibe is there, and the look is spot on so I felt a bit bad after posting that first comment, and I would like to post something more positive.

  4. Well, you know, you're not the only one complaining about this cut. I was like "hey, what about cutting the sentences so that they would have to guess a little bit in order to run the adventure and each adventure would become unique?!" but I might have been carried away.

    The psionic enhancer drugs are stocked in seamless silver chests, you need magic to open them. They increase your psionics by 1d20+10 att/def if you're psionic or you get to roll again if you're not. If I dedicate more time to this kind of fun-sized project, I won't cut the text anymore. It's a shame because, who knows, maybe in your adventure, the drugs are hidden in simili-leather cases and wrapped in silk but we'll never know :).

    Thanks anyway for the vibes!

  5. I was not? That makes me feel like like a curmudgeon. Frankly, I like your idea, but maybe there is another way to present it?

    As a submission in the contest I do hope you get a lot of exposure and hopefully someone can take it and run with it. The idea of multiple adventures that are slightly different is great.

  6. I'm on my way for an 'Uncut' Version. When 2-3 people react the same way, it shows that, at least for them, it's not working well enough. Putting the whole text instead of cutting it is very easy to do, so...

  7. Interesting!
    Good luck in the contest!